Community Input

To help us develop policy recommendations that are reflective of community ideas, we need your input. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us by completing the following Community Questionnaires:

Community Input About Policy Recommendations

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Community and Problem-Oriented Policing (CPOP)

CPC Policy Recommendations

Community Engagement

Investigatory Bodies

Mission Statement

Use of Force

Formal Responses to CPC Policy Recommendations

Bias-Free Policing

Community Engagement

Final Policies

Body-Worn Cameras

Crisis Intervention Team

Investigatory Bodies
Mission Statement

Use of Force


                                  CPC Board and Committee Meetings

                                  If you attended a Commission meeting and want to provide feedback, or have additional questions for the Commission, please complete the general comment form linked HERE.

                                  Active Community Questionnaires:

                                  There are no active questionnaires at this time.

                                  Inactive Community Questionnaires:

                                  * Community Problem-Oriented Policing

                                  * Draft Disciplinary GPO Feedback Survey

                                  * Proposed New Use of Force Policies Feedback Form

                                  * Monitor’s Survey on Body Cameras

                                  * Community Feedback Form - Use of Force Questionnaire

                                  * General Policy Questions

                                  * Community Feedback Form - Cleveland Division of Police Mission Statement

                                  * Community Feedback Form - PRB Policy Recommendations

                                  * PARC First Year Monitoring Plan Draft 1 (comments were sent to the Monitoring Group Feb. 1, 2016)