How can I access the CPC meeting calendar and minutes from previous meetings?
To view the CPC meeting calendar, go to the Commission Meetings page of the website and scroll down to the calendar feature on the page. Public Full Commission meetings are held once a month and CPC town halls are held quarterly.  Click on the meeting date to view meeting location details and any posted attachments, including but not exclusive to the meeting agenda and approved minutes. Instructions can be found HERE.

Will the CPC hire a full time staff?
Yes, the CPC has hired an Executive Director and plans to hire at least three other positions: a policy analyst, a community outreach and engagement coordinator, and an administrative assistant. On an as-needed basis, the CPC might also contract with consultants and other specialized vendor services. The CPC's hiring and consultant selection process comply with the City of Cleveland's opening bidding policies. All hiring processes and decisions are managed by the CPC. Position openings will be posted on the CPC website and the City of Cleveland website.

Where do I apply for a commissioner position on the CPC?
The civilian members of the Cleveland Community Police Commission are chosen by an external selection panel. If/when positions on the Commission become available, vacancies will be posted on the selection panel's website. Any inquiries about the application process should be directed to the selection panel.

How do I submit policy recommendations and/or feedback to the CPC?
To submit policy recommendations, you can either respond directly to a CPC survey posted on the Community Input  page of this website or send your recommendations to info@clecpc.org.

How can I learn about the CPC policy and community engagement deliverables and deadlines?
The CPC's deliverables are outlined in the Settlement Agreement (dba. the Consent Decree) between the City of Cleveland and the Department of Justice.  The Monitoring Team designed a collaborative workplan, called the Monitoring Plan, to coordinate the work and timely completion of deliverables between stakeholder groups mentioned in the Settlement Agreement (e.g. the CPC, the Mental Health Advisory Board, the Training Committee, the Cleveland Police Department, etc.).  Both the Settlement Agreement and the Monitoring Plan are accessible on the CPC's General Resources page.