Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan 2018

The Cleveland Community Police Commission has submitted two reports to the Chief of Police based on feedback from the community, including officers, via our survey and engagement events:

August CPC CPOP Report  I  September CPC CPOP Report

Executive Director's Comments 

The CPC serves as a conduit between the community and reform process. Some community groups and individuals have also partnered with the CPC to bring forward recommendations. Facilitated, in part, by the CPC their work serves as an important milestone in the evolution of police reform in Cleveland.  The CPC welcomes this shift in engagement and commitment to the success of the Consent Decree process 

Families of Victim's Affected by Police Violence Recommendations

An Alternative CPOP Plan 

We will continue to listen to your ideas, concerns and stories related to community and problem oriented policing as await the next version of the CPOP plan. The initial draft is available for view below and any general comments can be sent to


The Consent Decree between the United States and City of Cleveland requires, among other things, that the Cleveland Division of Police ("CPD"):


  • “[D]develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated community and problem-oriented policing model in order to promote and strengthen partnerships within the community, engage constructively with the community to ensure collaborative problem-solving, and increase community confidence” (paragraph 27) (the “community and problem-oriented policing plan” or “CPOP”); 

  • “[D]evelop an effective, comprehensive Staffing Plan that is consistent with its mission, including community and problem-oriented policing, and that will allow CDP” to comply with several specific requirements (paragraphs 319-321) (the “staffing plan”); 

  • “[D]evelop a strategic recruitment plan that includes clear goals, objectives, and action steps for attracting qualified applicants from a broad cross-section of the community” (paragraph 302) (the “recruitment and hiring plan”).

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