Equipment and Resources

The City of Cleveland released the new Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Draft Plan for public review and comment. 

These policies are not yet final because we need YOUR feedback!

May 09, 2017

The Cleveland Community Police Commission stands firmly in support of requiring the use of body-cameras whether officers are engaged in primary or secondary employment.

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December 19, 2016

As the Monitor has previously indicated to the Court, the objective of the Monitoring Team’s assessment of CPD’s equipment and the City’s Plan is "to ensure that CPD provides the basic tools and technology foundation for officers to be able to effectively and efficiently keep the public and themselves safe." Dkt. 65 at 56.

December 12, 2016

On November 30, the Cleveland Community Police Commission received the draft CDP Equipment and Resource Plan. Given the Monitoring Team’s target date of December 19th to file the approved plan with the Court, the CPC decided to solicit feedback as quickly as it could. It did this in primarily in three ways: (1) by holding breakout sessions at its November 30th CPC Full Commission meeting; (2) through a targeted email query to community organizations; and (3) from Commissioners.

The community feedback in this document reflects all three sources, with the majority of the information stemming from community input during breakout sessions at its Full Commission meetings. At least two Commissioners participated in, helped facilitate, and take notes in each of the three small groups during the breakouts. The discussion was guided by the set of questions below. Additional information gathered, via email or from Commissioners, was categorized underneath and/or incorporated into these broad information areas. When a theme emerged, the CPC grouped the comments by that theme under each separate question. When a theme did not emerge, the CPC included a category of "Other" under each question.

November 30, 2016

Issued By:

  • City of Cleveland

  • Department of Public Safety

  • Division of Police

  • Department of Finance

  • Information Technology Services


This report was created to summarize Cleveland Division of Police equipment and resources. We will look at overall equipment required by officers to perform their jobs safely, effectively, and efficiently.


We will look specifically at:

  • Records Management System​

  • Computer Aided Dispatch

  • Technology Governance

  • Mobile Technology

  • In-Station (District) Technology​

  • Administrative/Management Applications

  • Creation of a Patrol Vehicle Modernization Plan

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